TV Ad Shows the World’s ‘Scariest’ Job Interview

by Kathy Jones on Sep 8 2013 8:29 PM

 TV Ad Shows the World’s ‘Scariest’ Job Interview
Applicants to a bogus job interview, which was part of a new TV ad in Chile, were in for a scary time after an 82-inch screen showed a gigantic meteor striking their city.
The company put the 82-inch Ultra HD TV screen behind the interviewer and made it look as if it was a real window giving a view of the city below.

The ad begins with the slogan 'Reality or Ultra Reality?' as it shows the prank team setting up a bogus office with hidden cameras.

Then they installed the 82-inch television in a gap and made it look like a window which was offering a view of the city below.

Job applicants were ushered into the room and as the interviewee started the interview, a bright light was seen lighting up the TV screen.

A gigantic meteor then is seen crashing down and wiping out the whole city as the interviewees hid behind their chairs.

The TV ad ends with the slogan 'The World's First 84 Inch Ultra HDTV.'