by Sheela Philomena on  November 5, 2012 at 10:34 AM Lifestyle News
 Top 10 YouTube Videos on US Elections
In an election filled with videos, below is the list of the ten most popular videos aired on YouTube during the US elections.

- "Mitt Romney Style" -- a parody of South Korea's hugely popular Gangnam Style song starring a Mitt Romney look-alike (10.7 million views)

- "Tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney" -- the words spoken by an exasperated, tearful four-year-old girl captured on camera (9.8 million views)

- "Homer Votes 2012" -- Homer Simpson decides to vote for Mitt Romney and gets outsourced to China in this short animation film (7.7 million views):

- "Eye of the Sparrow" -- a spoof lip read of the first 2012 presidential debate, mocks Obama's lethargic performance (7.5 million views)

- "Whedon on Romney" -- Joss Whedon, director of the "The Avengers", films a satirical video endorsing Mitt Romney as the right man for a "Zombie Apocalypse" (6.2 million views)

- "Original Obamaphone Lady: -- Woman in Ohio claims she is voting for Obama because he gives all minorities free phones (5.5 million views)

- "Obama Loses His SH*T" -- Comedy duo Key & Peele portray Obama addressing Americans, while his anger translator helps him get his real message across (4.7 million views)

- "Big Bird" -- a satirical video put together by Team Obama featuring the Sesame Street star, poking fun at Romney's 'Big Bird' comment during the first debate (3.5 million views)

- "Mitt Romney on Obama voters" -- a secret recording of a Romney fundraiser during which he dismisses 47 percent of Americans as government dependents (3.22 million views)

- "Clint Eastwood" -- speech at the Republican National Convention, made memorable for his mock conversation with an empty chair meant to represent Obama (2.4 million views)

Source: AFP

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