by Shirley Johanna on  October 17, 2015 at 5:51 PM Indian Health News
Tele-medicine Scheme to be Extended to Four Districts in Maharashtra: Health Minister
The tele-medicine scheme, "Shiv Arogya" for remote areas of Maharashtra, will soon be extended to four districts- Thane, Nandurbar, Ahmednagar and Nashik -said Health Minister Deepak Sawant.

"The tele-medicine facility in which patients in remote areas of the state can consult experts in top hospitals in Mumbai will be launched in Jawahar-Mokhada in Thane, Akkalkuwa and Dhadgaon in Nandurbar, Akole in Ahmednagar, and Surgana and Peth in Nashik districts," said Sawant.

The pilot project at Melghat in Amravati district has seen over 50 patients getting medical attention through the facility, which is like a virtual OPD in the last two months, he added.

Expressing satisfaction over the implementation of the scheme of tracking pregnant mothers in Melghat and providing healthcare facility to them till child birth, the minister said only two maternal deaths were reported last month.

"The number of maternal deaths was 359 last year. In September (2015), 379 infants were born out of which 38 died while two mothers passed away," he said.

The pregnant women tracking system involves keeping a register of them till their due dates. Moreover, health workers visit homes of expecting mothers to provide nutrition and health care facilities.

The minister said the system is now being implemented in Jawahar, Mokhada, Akkalkuwa and Dhadgaon.

Source: PTI

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