Teen Sets World Record With 18-Day Ski

by Kathy Jones on Dec 26 2013 11:36 PM

 Teen Sets World Record With 18-Day Ski
A teenage student has become the youngest man to ski from the Antarctica coast to the South Pole in 18 days, thereby setting a Guinness world record.
Parker Liautaud, 19, who has skied to the North Pole three times, said that he set off for the 349 mile trek on December 3 with two main goals on his mind, the Daily Express reported.

The environmental campaigner revealed that his first goal was to undertake scientific research and collect data samples, and the second was to reignite the dialogue on climate change by creating a story that people can engage with and be a part of.

When Liautaud reached the South Pole, he concluded that the whole journey was really a mental one, managing uncertainty and trying to figure out how to manage risk.

Liautaud asserted that he feels fantastic and very lucky to have had the opportunity to do the expedition, adding that he is now looking forward to eating a proper meal after surviving on nuts and dried food for the last month.