TB Treatment for Belt in Chest?

by Kathy Jones on Jul 31 2010 9:42 PM

 TB Treatment for Belt in Chest?
In a bizarre surgery, doctors from the Indraprastha Apollo hospital in the capital removed a 8-inch long leather belt from the chest 20-year-old after initially starting the surgery in relation to tuberculosis treatment.
Allahabad’s Anuj Ranjan was involved in an accident four years ago during which the belt got lodged in his chest. The problem started to rise after Anuj suffered from high grade fever, chest pain and breathlessness and after taking out an X-Ray, the doctors put him on anti-tubercular treatment.

However when the condition started to worsen, Anuj’s parents took him to the capital where an X-ray once again revealed a large patch in the left lung. Dr KK Pandey said that his surgery team was surprise when he started to remove pieces of the leather belt.

“It was a routine surgery for us. We knew that he was on anti-tubercular treatment for 18 months and fistula is a known complication in such cases. While cleaning the infected portion in the chest I pulled out a small piece of leather and minutes later, I pulled out a long piece of leather belt”, Dr Pandey said.