Study Reveals How Horoscopes can Turn into 'Horrorscopes'

by Sheela Philomena on Dec 14 2013 5:04 PM

 Study Reveals How Horoscopes can Turn into
Do you believe in horoscopes? If you do and read a negative prediction you are likely to make an erratic decision in life that is likely to cause more harm than good. This research was published by scientists from Johns Hopkins University and the University of South Carolina after a recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research.
The study asked 188 participants to choose between going to a party or cleaning their home after they read a favourable or unfavourable star sign.

The authors said: “Conventional wisdom might suggest that for people who believe they can change their fate, an unfavourable horoscope should result in an attempt to improve their fate,” they further added - “Our results showed that reading an unfavourable horoscope actually has the opposite effect on a person.”

The study has also found that approximately one third of people in America "strongly believe" in the fateful predictions of the horoscopes. There are a whole load of celebrities like Madonna, Naomi Watts and others who are also strong fan of horoscopes and psychics. According to reports, Naomi Watts communicated using psychics with late princess Diana about the part she played in her movie on the Princess. Such are the powers of horoscopes and psychics in the world. It would take more than this research for people to get convinced about the mumbo-jumbo of the horoscopes.


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