Standardizing Cigarette Packets may Not Lead to More Smuggling

by Kathy Jones on Mar 25 2013 8:40 PM

 Standardizing Cigarette Packets may Not Lead to More Smuggling
A parliamentary group in Britain has found no evidence that standardizing cigarette packets could lead to more smuggling of the tobacco products.
With Britain considering introduction of plain cigarette packets, tobacco companies claim that the move could lead to more smuggling as the packets could be easily copied. However the claim was rejected with politicians saying that security features could still be used on plain packets to prevent any such illegal copying.

The report by All Party Parliamentary Group on Smoking and Health said that current packet designs are already being copied and enforcement organizations do no rely on packet design to check whether the packets are illegal.

“The UK has a good record in recent years in tackling the illicit tobacco trade, although it remains a serious challenge. Contrary to tobacco industry propaganda there is no good reason to think that standardized packs will increase illicit trade. The tobacco industry knows that standard packs will cut the number of children pulled into this lethal addiction - that's why they are running an expensive and mendacious campaign to try to scare the government off”, the group chairman, Liberal Democrat MP Stephen William said.