Specially-Abled in Siliguri Cheered by Three-Day Painting Exhibition

by Kathy Jones on Jul 6 2014 9:41 PM

 Specially-Abled in Siliguri Cheered by Three-Day Painting Exhibition
A three- day painting- cum- sale exhibition was organized in Siliguri by Anubhab, a voluntary organization in West Bengal, to bring cheer to the specially-abled.
A specially- abled boy, Pradip Nag, attending the programme, said that he was happy to be there.

"I feel good being here. We never had this kind of programme before. This is the first time it is being held. Lot of paintings and books come. People come to watch and buy these which are displayed. I have donated a painting in this exhibition. I feel good,"said Nag.

The organisers will be showcasing more than 30 paintings by an eminent painter, Binit Sinha, from Kolkata who told the reporter that it is the duty of society to look after the specially- abled people.

"Come close to the specially-abled people. They should not feel isolated.They do not have anything, so we have to look after them. This is my message that you come and spend time with them and the second message is that if you are unable to donate money, or you are not willing to donate, help them by buying painting,"said Sinha.

The organisation was started in 1998 and since then it has devoted voluntary service in support of Round Table India, 232. The organisation provides the inmates with mid-day meals and special education.

The Secretary of Anubhab, Pradip Nag, said the raised funds would be used to help the children.

"This is a fund raising programme. The collected funds will be for the betterment of the children. This money will spend to keep them healthy and give them better education," said Nag.

It is expected that the specially- abled inmates of the centre will get a unique opportunity to express their aims, desires and fancies through this event and give them a chance to interact with people and help society understand them better.


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