by Julia Samuel on  May 27, 2015 at 11:19 AM Indian Health News
Special Communicable Disease Committee Alerts Public on H1N1 Vaccination Before Monsoon
The Health Minister of Maharashtra, India is all set to fight swine flu though countdown for monsoon is yet to begin.

Health experts are expecting the infection to return during the rainy season and are spreading the alert for vaccination as the H1N1 virus had killed 46 people in Mumbai early this year.

A committee headed by Dr Subhash Salunkhe was sorted to conduct vaccination awareness programs for H1N1 virus. the major role of the committee will be to design recommendations for preventive measures and surveillance of communicable disease.

"According to WHO, vaccines are the most effective ways of safeguarding oneself from contracting the illness during influenza epidemics and pandemics. Influenza vaccination will bring down the morbidity and mortality rate in people with illness like diabetes and hypertension," said Salunkhe.

The awareness programme will start rolling in first week of June. Faltered immunity in senior citizens, children especially below two years and pregnant women make them the high-risk group.

Dr Om Shrivastav, infectious disease expert said, "To curb swine flu infection, we need to look into the prevention part. Those who are in the high-risk category and are living in areas that see more swine flu cases should get vaccinated. It will safeguard them from the infection for 12 months."

Health experts say that those with hypertension, diabetes are more susceptible and should get vaccinated.

Dr Mandar Kubal from Infectious Diseases and Pulmonary Care, Chembur, said, "People with co-morbid factors like diabetes, hypertension, liver, heart and kidney diseases, having immuno-compromised situations should get vaccinated before the start of rainy season."

Source: Medindia

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