by Tanya Thomas on  October 14, 2009 at 8:30 AM News on IT in Healthcare
 Scanning Disease Revolutionized By Remote Controlled-'Spider Pill' Camera
Scientists in Italy believe that a remote-controlled 'spider pill' camera with moving legs as a new way to scan for diseases.

Dr Enrico Grasso, a cancer specialist at the University Hospital Tor Vergata in Rome, believe the device could help detect diseases, including cancer of the stomach or colon, by transforming the invasive procedure of diagnosing serious conditions.

"It could improve adherence to the program," the Telegraph quoted him as telling the BBC.

The pill, containing a tiny camera, can be swallowed by the patient and controlled by doctors using a wireless connection.

It is fitted with tiny legs that once inside the colon or intestine can be activated remotely, moving like a spider.

Elisa Buselli, one of the scientists working on the project that came up with the spider pill, added: "This should improve the situation not just for the patient but also the doctor."

Source: ANI

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