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Sadie Still Angry With Doherty Over Boat Drug Incident
Fashion designer and former actress Sadie Frost is still angry with beleaguered rock star Pete Doherty for hiding drugs in her bag on a holiday about two years ago.

It all happened when Sadie was cruising around the Mediterranean with Doherty and his supermodel, girlfriend Kate Moss in 2005.

Since Doherty did not want to get searched while on the boat, he hid some cocaine and drug-taking paraphernalia in Sadie's bag.

The actress was on board with Kate's daughter Lila Grace and her own son Finlay at that time.

She got livid when she discovered what Doherty had done.

"Sadie was beyond livid. She was so furious she burst into tears and was screaming and shouting. She couldn't believe even he would stoop that low," Contactmusic quoted a source as telling British tabloid The Sun.

"Sadie was going mental and demanded that Pete be thrown off the boat and sent home," the source added.

The newspaper also reported that Doherty was thrown off the boat when the staff complained that he had been asking for tin foil all the time.

Source: ANI

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