by Tanya Thomas on  March 27, 2011 at 12:42 PM General Health News
 Quality Precedes Length of Life for Terminally Ill Patients
A new study has found that more people would want to improve the quality of their life if they were terminally ill rather than lengthen it.

The majority surveyed in a Europe-wide poll said being in pain would be their biggest concern if they knew they were going to die, ahead of becoming a burden on others, reports the Telegraph.

The majority of people surveyed in England also said that having physical suffering relieved would be more important to them than remaining positive or ensuring loved ones were not distressed.

Irene Higginson, Professor of Palliative Care and Policy at King's College London, said: "There needs to be a fundamental shift in the approach to delivering end-of-life care across Europe. Although individuals' priorities and needs will differ, it is absolutely clear that people value highly the quality of the time they have left.

"What we need to see is a step-change in the way policy-makers and clinicians across Europe look at end-of-life care, and ensure that people's priorities and needs inform planning and delivery of these services."

Source: ANI

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