by Savitha C Muppala on  October 24, 2013 at 7:20 PM Mental Health News
 Pretty Blonde Now Looks Like a Man Due to Excessive Gymming and Steroid Addiction
A steroid addiction has had a life-altering effect on a woman who was once a pretty blonde but now looks like a man with a stubble and broad shoulders.

Candice Armstrong was a London barmaid and two years ago she wished to hit the gym to improve her physique.

A victim of body dysmorphia, she began to work obsessively in the gym to improve her upper body which she thought was too slender.

In a desperate attempt to improve her shape, she began to use a steroid, which left her with stubble, broad shoulders and a one-inch penis.

She could not stop even though people told her that she was developing good biceps. When another gym buddy suggested the use of steroids to improve her physique, she began taking them and soon got addicted to daily doses of the steroid Trenbolone.

She hated her body so much that she wanted to go any length to improve it. The drug changed her so much that her clitoris grew into a one-inch penis, facial hair began to grow and her gait also changed to masculine. Now, she feels far worse than when she started out.

"Now I look like a man and I hate it. Even my own mother has told me I'm not pretty any more," she said. "I don't want to become a man; I just want to be normal. I stopped having any sort of sex drive for men. I tried having sex with a girl but that didn't do anything for me either. So it's not like it has turned me lesbian."

"I used to get a lot of attention from men. Now very few people find me attractive. But I can't say I miss sex. I have no sex drive and I'm more insecure than ever," she said.

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