by Kathy Jones on  October 27, 2012 at 4:31 PM General Health News
 PETA Claims Water Used to Produce One Pound of Meat Equals the Amount Used for Six Months of Bathing
Taking advantage of the intense media spotlight on the Indian Grand Prix, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has been campaigning against eating meat, claiming that the amount of water used in producing one pound of meat can instead be used for bathing for six months.

The group also claimed that the meat industry produces greenhouse gases.

A PETA campaigner, Benazir, said that if people turn vegetarian, the lives of several animals could be saved.

"We are here today to promote veganism, and we are here in a Formula One costume, because we want people to run their engine (s) by going vegan. This is a great lifestyle. It's healthy, it's good for animals, it's good for humans, and it's very good for the environment," said Benazir.

PETA girls were promoting the vegan lifestyle at India Gate with a chicken mascot supporting their campaign.

Campaigners grabbed the public's attention by holding placards, which spread the message for a healthy environment.

Benazir further said: "Since Formula One is going to start here, our message to the people is, that if you stop drinking milk and stop eating fish and meat, it would be good for your health, environment and animals, and we are relating our campaign with F1, because F1 is related to speed. If you become vegan, your body would be able to run faster, your health would improve. Everything will speed up; your body system will speed up.

PETA have been pulling back the curtain on farm processes and pressuring restaurants and grocery stores to offer food that is produced more humanely.

Source: ANI

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