'Perpetual' Power Cuts Causes 'Painful' Divorces in Egypt

by Krishna Bora on Aug 24 2012 10:18 PM

An Egyptian woman has filed for divorce from her husband after he refused to relocate from their current district, which was hit by frequent power cuts everyday.
The mother of two said in her lawsuit that their home had become unsuitable to live in because it was located in a densely populated area, comprising ex-cons and unlicensed hawkers, reports Gulf News.

According to the woman, when she insisted on moving to another house, her spouse insulted and beat her up in front of their children. She said her husband was financially capable of affording a new house. The court is yet to rule on the divorce request, the paper said.

This summer Egypt has been plagued by unprecedented power outages, which the government has blamed on soaring consumption rates and high temperatures.

Angry Egyptians have taken to the streets in several parts of the nation and blocked major roads in protest. President Mohammad Mursi's government has promised an improvement in the situation after new generation plants are launched into operation this year.