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 Parents Not Allowed to Watch Kids Play After-school Sports
British parents are not permitted to watch their children play after-school sports, in order to reduce any possible pressure that their presence might put on the kids.

Coventry Sports Foundation, which runs dozens of after-school clubs across the city, says it wants to create a 'relaxing environment' for youngsters to play competitive sports.

The charitable trust also cites 'child protection issues', claiming children will get greater enjoyment from sports 'without pressure from the sidelines'.

Parents have been turned away from the school gates and bosses are even rumoured to be considering hiring bouncers to enforce the ban.

Neil Carter, 47, a father-of-three, branded the decision 'ridiculous' after he was booted out of the changing rooms minutes before his five-year-old son Joshua was due to play football.

"I had hoped to watch Joshua for the first ten minutes because he hadn't been to an after-school club before. He can be quite shy so I wanted to stay with him to make sure he got on alright," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

"We got him dressed and I was about to leave the room when someone from the Coventry Sports Foundation said we couldn't watch.

"They said it was to do with the foundation's child protection policy. I was so disappointed. It's an absolutely ridiculous rule," he stated.

Coventry Sports Foundation is understood to have introduced the ban at 95 after-school clubs in 43 primary schools last month.

Source: ANI

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