Oz Metrosexuals Vote for Champagne, Yoga

by Hannah Punitha on Nov 20 2008 4:29 PM

The typical Aussie male who loves beer, barbecues and watching the footy are dying a slow death, for a new survey has shown a rise in the number of champagne-drinking metrosexuals more interested in hair products than their mates.

The shocking research was commissioned by Barons Brewing.

According to the study of 500 Australians, fathering and relationships had affected mateship -also 75 per cent surveyed said men were more likely to bring champagne and cheese to a barbecue than beer and meat.

"If the trends continue there'll nothing but weak handshakes and pink frocks," the Daily Telegraph quoted Barons Brewing CEO Scott Garnett,a s saying.

The survey by McCrindle Research found eight out of 10 thought men spent more time on their appearance than a decade ago.

The study found that sixty per cent of the ones asked said men preferred to meet at cafes rather than pubs, while 50 per cent said men are more likely to do yoga than play footy or cricket.

Garnett said women were the strongest advocates of the savethe campaign: "Single women are crying out that it's almost impossible to find a real man."