Kiwi Exam-goers Fall Back on Yoga to Beat the Stress

by Tanya Thomas on Nov 11 2008 4:37 PM

To beat the unimaginable levels of pre-examination stress, a school in Stratford, New Zealand has devised a “tried and tested method” to help students get out of the rut-Yoga.

St Mary's Diocesan School has combined the bendy yoga move, the upward facing dog with the tree pose, the prayer pose and the reverse swan dive that may help students to have calm, focused minds before upcoming exams.

The programme will be starting in all participating secondary schools on November 14, and will finish on December 3.

The school held the classes as part of its futures scheme, which focuses on giving students all-round skills that they can put to use after leaving school.

One student Yoga practitioner Daria Law, 16, said that she had "so much to do but not enough time" before her first of six exams on the November 14.

"I'm kind of on track, I'm doing as much study as possible," quoted her as saying.

After undergoing the Yoga program a stressed-out student said that it was "nice to relax for a little while."

Janine Wilton-Daley, the school's sports co-coordinator, said that yoga provided the girls with a chance to "empty their minds".

"You get very centered and can't think of anything for the amount of time you're in the pose. The only thing they are concentrating on is their breathing. They've been thrilled, really excited," she said.