One DOT Centre in Each Tea Garden to Bring Down TB

by Julia Samuel on Mar 28 2015 11:56 AM

One DOT Centre in Each Tea Garden to Bring Down TB
Owing to the prevalence of TB in 17% of tea garden labourers in Assam, the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme have decided to take measures to control the spread and recurrence of the disease.
As part of the effort, at least one Directly Observed Treatment, Short-Course (DOT) Centre will be established in each tea garden of the State. "In every garden, we are planning to set up a DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short Course) centre," Health Minister Nazrul Islam said.

MLA Keshab Mahanta said that, non-completion of the full course of medicine by the patients was one of the major reasons for high prevalence of TB in the tea gardens.

“TB is a contagious disease. Medicines have to be taken for the duration of entire six months. But usually, tea garden labourers stop it after they become well in 2-3 months. So they are not fully cured and after some times, they suffer again,” Islam said.


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