by Rukmani Krishna on  August 13, 2012 at 11:41 PM Lifestyle News
 Olympic Synchronized Swimmer Reveals Method Behind Looking Impeccable Under Water
Team U.S.A.'s synchronised swimmer Mariya Koroleva has revealed what has baffled many spectators watching the Olympics competition. She reveals how they manage to keep their hair and makeup perfect in the water.

Koroleva and Mary Killman, competed in the duet competition, had bright mascara, stylish headpieces and impeccable hair, despite being soaked.

Koroleva has revealed that gelatin is the secret ingredient that kept their hair faultless at the London Aquatics Centre on August 7.

The 22-year-old prefers to style her hair with Knox Gelatin.

"You put your hair in a bun," the New York Daily News quoted her astelling People magazine.

"Mix the gelatin with hot water and then paint it onto the hair. Then we put a headpiece over the bun to match the swimsuit, and that completes the look!" she said.

Aside from adding to the overall spectacle, the competitors wear makeup so that the fans and judges can see their faces from far away. But to ensure the cosmetics don't run or smear, the swimmers need to apply heavy, fixed products.

Although they get to indulge in makeup and gelatin, synchronized swimmers are forbidden from wearing jewellery or nail polish.

"Nails must be kept natural during the competition, and they do check to make sure we are not wearing any jewellery, as well," she added.

Source: ANI

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