Now, a Mobile Euthanasia Team

by Kathy Jones on Feb 11 2012 8:41 PM

 Now, a Mobile Euthanasia Team
A mobile euthanasia team to assist patients who have failed to get help from family doctors will be launched next month in Holland.
According to Right to Die Association, the unit will be first of the six units that will come into force to help people end their lives when their request has been denied by their family doctors.

Experts predict that the units will add an additional 1,000 people choosing to end their lives with official figures revealing that over 2,700 people chose assisted suicides last year.

However doctors are worried that the units may cause unnecessary deaths among patients who still have a hope to recover from their ailments. “In the worst cases, people could die who perhaps could have received some other help”, a spokesman for the Federation of Dutch Physicians said.