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 Nicole Kidman Campaigns To End Violence Against Women
Taking a break from her busy movie schedules, UN Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman took part in a symposium to continue her "Say NO to Violence Against Women" campaign.

The actress recently took part in the symposium during the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The 'Australia' actress announced the signatures of more than five million world leaders and citizens across the globe on a petition promoting the issue, more than five times as many signatures expected.

"The reason I chose the subject of women is because I was raised by a mother who was very passionate about having her daughters educated, and wanted her daughters to have an equal opportunity," The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Kidman as saying at the UN headquarters in New York.

She added: "I was the product of that, and now I'm out there hoping to pass on to the next generation and work in a greater capacity then just as an actress."

The 5,066,549 signatures included the names of 29 world leaders, 188 ministers and over 600 parliamentarians from more than 70 countries. The list also included celebrities like Bob Geldof, Catherine Deneuve and Hillary Swank.

Kidman, who gave birth to daughter Sunday Rose five months ago, said mothers need to discuss abuse with their daughters.

"This conversation that we are having helps families to then discuss. It helps mothers to be able to discuss it with daughters," said Kidman.

She added: "It helps it to become not a subject that has a stigma attached to it, and therefore not discussed in schools. It needs to be discussed in schools, and young girls and young boys need to be educated."

Source: ANI

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