New Robots That can Let You Know If You Stink

by Savitha C Muppala on May 13 2013 11:27 PM

New Robots That can Let You Know If You Stink
Robots that can make out whether you stink or smell good are the latest from the collaborative effort of a Japanese company, CrazyLabo, and scientists from Kitakyushu National College of Technology.
These robots can be the best thing, especially if one is headed to a meeting or a date, and is unsure about the extent of body odor.

They have built a robot in the shape of a bull dog and another which has a woman’s head. The dog robot is programmed to sniff the feet and can respond in one of four ways. The robot loses consciousness if the feet stink and if the odor is good, the robot actually comes close and nuzzles up. Both robots employ a commercial odor sensor which is sensitive to the presence of certain chemicals in exhaled breath or emitted by feet.

The female head robot is called “Kaori,” and when the person exhales to its face, the response again can be one of four. If it is a fragrance , then she could respond with “Good, like citrus,” and if it’s a foul smell, depending upon the severity, the response could be “Yuck! You have bad breath,” “No way! I can’t stand it!” and “Emergency taking place!”