by Kalyani Thivakaran on  January 7, 2015 at 7:13 PM Medical Gadgets
 New Mobile Application to Help People Suffering from Allergies
For a person having severe allergies to any particular type of food, it is important for them to carry around EpiPen, which is nothing but the epinephrine injection that is life saving in such cases. Hence, a new device is in the making to help keep the EpiPen near and automatically notify loved ones whenever it's used.

The Veta smart case has built-in sensors and communicates to a paired smartphone (iOS and Android) to make sure the injection always stays with the person. Whenever the phone stops receiving a proximity signal, it sounds an alarm and lets the user know the GPS location of the spot where it was last heard from. In case if a child is using it, it can also be made to alert the parents that the child has forgotten to bring the EpiPen. To help find the exact spot of the Veta, the find-me feature can be activated and it will flash and sound a ringer.

There is a built-in temperature sensor to make sure the epinephrine stays fresh. If the EpiPen is used up, the Veta case recognizes that it's been opened and immediately sends alerts including the GPS location of the user, to pre-selected people, like parents and school nurses.

The device also goes through a safety confirmation routine, starting a countdown after the pen is activated. If the user is not responding to prompts from the application, it will eventually issue a loud notice to anyone around explaining the situation and calling for help. Interestingly, if you plan to be traveling aboard, the settings in the application can be modified to issue warnings in other languages.

Source: Medindia

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