by Bidita Debnath on  October 5, 2013 at 11:34 PM Lifestyle News
 New Gadget Invented That Chills Cans of Beer in Seconds
A remarkable new gadget is being invented that chills cans of beer to 5C in just 10 seconds. This may be good news for beer lovers who always had a problem with warm pints.

Initially the V-Tex is being unveiled as a way of reducing the need for rows of fridges in supermarkets, the Daily Star reported.

However the creators Enviro-Cool are working on affordable prototypes that could be used in the home.

Company founder Kelvin Hall said the team working on it have already experienced the benefits.

Although the V-Tex is primarily being developed with drinks in mind, the new technology has other applications.

Two models are in the pipeline; a high end version, complete with built in speakers, capable of chilling two drinks at the same time, and a cheaper version that will chill one drink and is about the size of a blender.

The V-Tex compact will retail for around 800 pounds and the V-Tex domestic will cost around 250 pounds.

Source: ANI

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