by Kathy Jones on  October 5, 2013 at 4:41 PM General Health News
 Beer as Reward for Spending Three Minutes Idling Away
A new vending machine, which aims to help people de-stress, will give beer as reward for spending three minutes idle in front of it.

The vending machine, installed by Bulgarian advertising firm Next Digital Creative Agency as part of the 'Amstel Pause' campaign, lures people by its red velvet ropes, where they're instructed to stand in one spot and push a red button that rings a bell and starts the timer, after which the users must remain still for three minutes, Discovery News reported.

Any movement within the three minutes will trigger a motion sensor and reset the timer, but after a successful attempt, the machine pops out a can of beer.

'The first installation that makes you do nothing and gives you beer in return' campaign, which is on its 16-day debut tour across Bulgaria, has so far given out 1,344 beers.

Source: ANI

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