by Tanya Thomas on  August 3, 2010 at 10:38 AM General Health News
 Mobile Phones May Make Classrooms, and Teachers, Portable Now
Can mobile phones be used a as teaching aid? A pilot study at Howick College is examining the result of just that.

The "mLearning" pilot at Howick College, which sees students use free software to convert computer files into cell phone study notes, is attracting global attention.

Students can solve a question using PowerPoint, or a video assignment to film and edit through Microsoft's MovieMaker.

The result is condensed into a format that can be transferred on to any cell phone with a media player.

"The kids love it because they have it in their pocket - it's a psychological thing as well as a study thing because they know that help is, literally, a click away," quoted Howick College teacher Nathan Kerr, as saying.

Kerr's innovative method allows students to search Google for a free video converter or convert PowerPoint presentations via WonderShare freeware to get content on their phones.

"We're a lot more innovative and part of the reason is many teachers in New Zealand are given a free hand, with guidelines, while overseas your professional development as a teacher has been worked out by experts - it's top down," added Kerr.

Waikato University education lecturer Noeline Wright said that because children are already very comfortable using these tools, it's a good idea implementing it in their education too.

Source: ANI

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