Men Behave Like Fathers at 38 Years: Survey

by Anubha Sinha on Apr 17 2014 6:56 PM

 Men Behave Like Fathers at 38 Years: Survey
A survey by a TV channel has revealed that a man starts behaving just like his dad at the age of 38.
The survey said some of the signs that show you are turning into your father are – taking a nap in front of the TV, preferring to have your own comfy chair and getting disturbed by popular music.

After a poll of 2,000 participants, the survey came up with symptoms that suggested that you were so much becoming like your father. It found 40 per cent of men started dozing off before the TV before they reached 40. Some 28 per cent wished to own a special chair for himself and 25 per cent agreed they danced badly at parties and family get-togethers.

TV channel Gold discovered that some of the other changes experienced were spending more time in the washroom, laughing at own jokes and going to the shed to get away from any rift.

Steve North, General Manager of UKTV channel Gold, said, “The future looks bright for men – more sleep, having your very own chair, letting loose on the dance floor and finding ourselves funny. It seems 38 is the age men officially lose their inhibitions.”

Another dad-like behaviour was reading the newspaper ­financial ­supplements.