by Anubha Sinha on  April 17, 2014 at 2:10 AM Lifestyle News
 Daytime Sleep Reduces Longevity: Study
Those power naps during day time could actually be doing you more harm than good by reducing your life span, suggests a new study.

According to researchers, those who took a nap for less than an hour in a day had 14 per cent more chance of dying. And in cases when the sleep time lasted for more than an hour, the risk increased by 32 per cent.

But experts say that sleep is good and that we all need it and the main point to be kept in mind is the reason why people take these naps. And here there are underlying problems which force people to take naps.

They said it is important to take note of these things and get ourselves checked for the problem.

The study also found that catnap can cause inflammation in the body, causing various lung diseases. And people who sleep for an hour or more had two-and-a-half times more chance of dying from respiratory illnesses such as emphysema, pneumonia and bronchitis.

Other studies have also suggested that sleeping during day time is actually healthy. People need an average of a little more than seven hours of sleep a day. According to experts, if we do not get enough sleep at night, there is no problem with a daytime nap.

Dr Steven Feinsilver, director of the Sleep Center at Mount Sinai Medical Center, said, "There's a reason they need to nap, perhaps, which includes many of the major sleep diseases. The main reason to be sleepy is sleep apnea, and we know that sleep apnea is associated with an increased risk of cardiac disease, stroke, and death."

Source: Medindia

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