Mel Gibson Spotted Tipsy

by Ann Samuel on Oct 2 2007 11:40 AM

‘Lethal Weapon’ star Mel Gibson appears to be having a rollicking time these days.

ky… Mel Gibson, alcohol, bar, drinking, binge drinking, addiction The actor, who is currently holidaying on the Indonesian island, was surrounded by girls as soon as he arrived at a trendy bar in Bali. “I thought, ‘Holy Cocktail — it’s Mel Gibson! Within seconds he was the centre of attention, surrounded by gorgeous young women,” the Sun Diana Shearin, a local resident, as saying.

“He was laughing and seemed to be having the time of his life,” she said. Diana revealed that Mel behaved with the people at the bar in a very friendly manner.

She, however, said that the actor’s looks made her feel that he might have been partying hard. “He was very congenial actually, but he looked like he had been partying hard — nothing like the suave, smooth-looking dude you see in the movies. His minders weren’t keen on anyone taking pictures,” she said.