by Kathy Jones on  May 9, 2013 at 9:03 PM Lifestyle News
 Meet the Man Who Cheated Death Eight Times in Less Than a Year
A 25-year old revealed that he may have beaten death eight times in less than a year as he overcame a fall, testicular cancer and MRSA.

Matthew Hawksley's problems started when on a trip with his friends to Ireland. He dived off a high pier, not realizing that the depth of the water was just 3 feet and though he survived the jump, he suffered from shattered fifth vertebrae in his spine and suffered four heart attacks over the next half hour as his lungs filled with water.

While in the hospital, he suffered from pneumonia and MRSA infection and just a few months after being released from the hospital, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had to undergo a surgery to remove his right testicle before he was declared to be clear of the cancer.

Stating that he feels both the luckiest and the unluckiest man in Britain, Matthew said, "I have never really been down or upset. You just have to carry on, I suppose. I feel like the unluckiest man I know - but in lots of ways I suppose I'm the luckiest man in Britain. To get through all that and find out I had cancer was a massive blow. But you can't let yourself down. You have to pick yourself up and work with what you've got."

Source: Medindia

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