Back Pain can be Cured by Antibiotics

by Kathy Jones on May 9 2013 8:59 PM

 Back Pain can be Cured by Antibiotics
A new study conducted by Danish researchers revealed that two in five cases of chronic back pain could be simply treated by prescribing the sufferers with antibiotics.
Researchers led by Dr Hanne Albert found that around 40 percent of patients who suffer from back pain have an infection in the discs between their vertebrae which caused the pain. The researchers said that the infection could be easily treated common antibiotics.

The researchers tested their study on a group of people suffering from back pain and made them take augmentin, a common antibiotic, for 100 days and found that around 80 percent of the participants felt much less pain.

Dr Albert said that the study only looked at people with chronic back pain and taking antibiotics did not help those who suffered from normal back pain. “This will not help people with normal back pain, those with acute, or sub-acute pain – only those with chronic lower back pain. These are people who live a life on the edge because they are so handicapped with pain. We are returning them to a form of normality they would never have expected”, he said.