Many People Use Social Media to Track Down Their First Love

by Kathy Jones on Nov 7 2013 10:39 PM

 Many People Use Social Media to Track Down Their First Love
A new survey has found that many of us cannot forget our first love and keep up to date with their lives via social media.
The new survey reveals that 64 percent people have looked for picture and updates of their childhood sweethearts on Facebook or Twitter to see who they are dating.

More than a quarter of those surveyed have got back in touch with their first love, and one in six people (15 percent) have slept with their ex, with a further 21 percent admitting to thinking about having sex with them, after searching them online, the Daily Star reported.

The results have been revealed in a survey of 1890 people by Lovehoney, which revealed that 45 percent of women talk about their first love with their current partner, but only 38 percent of men do the same.

Half of women also said they have been contacted by their ex but have ignored them, whereas this has happened to just 28 percent of men.

Just over a quarter of them (28 percent) still reminisce fondly about their first love men (31 percent) slightly more than women (27 percent).