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Many People Support Presumed Consent On Organ Donation in Northern Ireland
Organ donation has emerged as a boon for millions of people around the world. It acts as a treatment which provides second life for many individuals with deceased parts in their body.

But the process of organ donation turns out to be difficult due to the various procedures involved in it. The donors organs must match the recipient and also in cases of brain dead patients the family members must give consent to donate the patient's organs.

Therefore, this long and time-consuming process contributes to the delay in starting a transplantation during emergency. Therefore to ease this process, the government of Ireland conducted a public information campaign on organ donation during 2013-14.

It was reported that even though there was a slight increase (5%) in numbers in favor of presumed consent since 2013, many were still unsure or opposed the change.

Presumed consent is a process to remove organs from a deceased person if they had not openly made any statement that they do not wish to donate.

Recently wales introduced a soft-opt system and the Health Minister of Ireland, Simon Hamilton said he will monitor the 'soft opt-out' being tested in Wales, which is being rolled out from December of this year.

The minister said: "I want to carefully watch how the new 'soft' opt-out system being introduced in Wales from this December affects their organ donation consent rates from next year onwards."

"Wales has a similar NHS system to Northern Ireland and I expect that we will be able to learn from their experience and use it to carefully consider the future for organ donation in Northern Ireland along with the views of local transplant clinicians and other stakeholders."

The campaign also showed that obtaining consent from family or friends for organ donation remains as one of the biggest challenges in increasing organ transplant numbers.

Around 15 people die each year in Northern Ireland waiting for an organ transplant. However, for live donations, Northern Ireland is among the top five countries in the whole of Europe.

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