by Dr. Trupti Shirole on  March 3, 2011 at 5:04 PM Diet & Nutrition News
 Mango and Grapes are Healthy for the Gut
Mango and grapes have higher levels of prebiotics and help keep the gut healthy, claim scientists from the Maharashtra Association Cultivation of Science's Agharkar Research Institute (MACS-ARI). So far mango has been known for its high carbohydrate and calorie content, now one more dimension of the fruit has come to light. The prebitoic level was found to be especially high in a particular variety of the king of fruits. Prebiotics are the non-digestible foods which help the growth of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) within the gut. Prebiotics is food for probiotics. These probiotics or the good bacteria help ward off diseases. Commenting on the role of probiotics in preventing and treating diseases, senior gastroenterologist Dr. Parimal Lawate said, "If you have a large number of these friendly bacteria in your body, then the inner lining of the intestines remain healthy and help prevent diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, antibiotic-related diseases and irritable bowel syndrome."

 Over a span of 10years scientists studied 90 edible fruits and plants for their efficacy to help the growth of probiotics in the digestive system. ARI scientist Vaishali Agte said, "Our study showed that beneficial bacteria L rhamnosus, which is grown in a medium containing mango, helped reduce the presence of E coli. The results indicate promising potential for mango varieties as a source of prebiotics."

So far research on the role of prebiotics has been carried out on foods of western origin. This was for the first time that Indian scientists have explored Indian fruits and plants for it prebiotic potential. The prebiotic profile adds to the medicinal use of mango.

Source: Medindia

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