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 Make Sure You Have Health Insurance After Divorce
When you go through with a divorce it can be very distressing for both you and your family. This along with an emotional upheaval affects your finances too. Usually the divorce proceedings are very expensive and now, you may have to manage live on a reduced income.

The one important factor which we usually overlook during a divorce is health insurance. Most spouses have health insurance through their spouse's employer. This will obviously stop after the divorce. Children, however, will remain covered.

The options to get health insurance after a divorce are many. COBRA is a popular option and there is private health insurance for those who want it. You may qualify for the employer sponsored health insurance, according to your job offer. When the company you work in does not have a health insurance plan you can always apply for COBRA, which will allow you to continue your current coverage. Though, under COBRA health insurance can be utilized only for 36 months, so it is a temporary feature, plus it can be very expensive with you being responsible for paying the full premium. When you decide to apply for COBRA you should let your current health insurance plan administrator know in advance - within 60 days. Failure can result in insurance fraud.

There are many plans you can choose from the health insurance marketplace, after The Affordable Care Act .Take the advice of a family lawyer or your divorce lawyer for the best options.


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