Alternative Health Coverage - Options

by Vanessa Jones on Jun 9 2014 10:49 AM

 Alternative Health Coverage - Options
Many of the uninsured have to wait for 5 months before they can buy health care plans at the health care exchanges, though this does not mean they have to worry about lack of protection and the fear of huge medical bills.
The uninsured can buy a temporary plan which can cover them for a few months in the state – based health exchanges. When a person moves residence from one state to another, or change due to marriage or divorce can still use the exchange to buy health covers. The same with the birth or adoption of a child in fact any American citizen can enroll at any time between the enrollment periods. Aside from these exceptions, those who want to use the exchanges will have to wait until Nov. 15, when enrollment begins for coverage that starts in 2015.

Insurance purchased on the exchanges comes with a key advantage: Applicants may be eligible for income-based tax credits that help pay the cost of their coverage. The most common health insurance coverage in the USA is the employer-sponsored coverage. Getting a job that offers insurance or being covered through a spouse's employer are two important ways of gaining major medical coverage.

A short term plan can be got for a maximum of a year and a minimum of a month, though less extensive it can be used as a safety net. "It gives (the enrollee) some level of protection until they can get to their next open enrollment period," said Bob Hurley, a senior vice president with the private health insurance exchange operator eHealth Inc. Some insurance shoppers also may qualify for the state-federal Medicaid program, if their income level is low enough. Medicaid eligibility varies by state.

When you find a good deal on an insurance policy, you need to evaluate why it's a good deal. Lower premiums can mean less coverage, so analyze the cost of paying the doctor and the stay at the hospital.


Tom Murphy, June 2014

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