by Kathy Jones on  January 25, 2011 at 9:34 PM Lifestyle News
'Skins' Has Not Violated Any Child Pornography Laws, MTV Insists
The teen drama 'Skins' has not violated any federal child pornography statutes after complaints of exploitation from a media watchdog group, MTV has stressed.

The Parents Television Council were furious when a 17-year-old actor alternating between being naked and appearing aroused for a length of time in the January 31 episode was aired.

It resulted in sponsor Taco Bell abandoning the series amidst concerns that 'Skins' might be in danger of violating federal child pornography statutes.

"We review all of our shows and work with all of our producers on an ongoing basis to ensure our shows comply with laws and community standards," the New York Post quoted MTV as saying in a statement.

"We are confident that the episodes of 'Skins' will not only comply with all applicable legal requirements, but also with our responsibilities to our viewers.

"We also have taken numerous steps to alert viewers to the strong subject matter so that they can choose for themselves whether it is appropriate," it stated.

Source: ANI

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