Kids in UP Schools to Get Sun Exposure for Vitamin D

by Iswarya on Jul 22 2019 10:29 AM

Kids in UP Schools to Get Sun Exposure for Vitamin D
All government schools in Uttar Pradesh has made it mandatory to keep the morning assembly sessions and extra-curricular activities in the open instead of inside classrooms and auditoriums so that students can get appropriate vitamin D.
The decision has been taken following a recent directive from the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) to all states and Union Territories, calling for more physical activities under the sun to tackle diseases, like rickets (soft bones and skeletal deformities), caused by Vitamin D deficiency.

According to state Additional Director (basic education) Lalita Pradeep: "Schools will now have to conduct morning prayers and other activities under the open sky. Most village schools already hold sessions outdoors, but those in urban and semi-urban areas will now have to follow suit. The focus will also be on organizing games outdoors."

She said that the MHRD had asked all the 29 states and seven Union Territories to "promote sun exposure programs" in their respective schools.

This underscores the need to eradicate diseases caused by lack of Vitamin D.

As a part of the program, awareness lectures will also be held at government schools in the state in addition to outdoor activities during free periods.

During the growing-up phase, school children remain highly susceptible to bone deforming effects of calcium and Vitamin D deficiency, primarily manifesting as rickets.

This disease can have severe growth outcome for children and lead to lifelong deformities and disabilities.