IPunch Boxing Gloves to Help Track Your Punches

by Kathy Jones on Jul 6 2014 8:11 PM

 IPunch Boxing Gloves to Help Track Your Punches
Boxers can now take advantage of modern technology after a start-up company developed ‘smart boxing gloves’ called the iPunch which can connect to smartphones and display the power and speed of a boxer’s punches.
The concept is the brainchild of Stephen Cains, CEO and Founder of the Responsive Sports start-up, who has been practicing Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) forms of boxing and kickboxing respectively for 16 years, Mashable reports.

Cains said that the idea of developing iPunch came from a desire to improve his training methods. He said that he put sensors on his gloves to measure his performance.

He added that without data, it is very difficult to determine how strong your punch will end being.

Each iPunch glove has two sensors. One measures how hard the punch landed, and the other is a three-axis motion sensor, which tells you speed and strength. The gloves connect with an app that has other training features, including what Cain dubs 'the Guitar Hero of boxing', the report said.

The gloves' batteries last about 15 hours (or 300 3-minute rounds) and can be recharged by plugging them in with a USB port.

Currently, iPunch gloves are only designed for MMA training, but the company plans to develop boxing gloves in the near future.

The product is now available on pre-order from the company's Indiegogo page. Early backers will receive gloves for USD 139, and after that, the gloves cost you USD 149, the report added.