Iglesias Feels Happy to Be a Man

by Venkatraman on Sep 21 2007 7:35 PM

Pop singer Enrique Iglesias is glad he is not a woman because he thinks he would not be able to handle period pains. reports that Iglesias believes that men have it much easier than women. He said: "I think it must be harder to be female than male. Apart from having to deal with period pains, pregnancy and childbirth, I think women are more emotional than men. It's not just that they find it easier to talk about emotions, I think they actually feel emotions more deeply."

He added: "I'm as comfortable with women as I am with men. Of my closest friends, three are men and two are women. I learned a lot about women from my mother and my nanny, but I don't think you really get to know what makes women tick until you have a romantic relationship."