by Savitha C Muppala on  August 24, 2010 at 1:39 PM AIDS/HIV News
 HIV Virus can Hide in the Brain : Study
A new study has pointed out that the HIV virus can comfortably hide itself in the brain of the human body.

A thesis from University of Gothenburg, Sweden revealed that 10 percent patients showed traces of the virus in their spinal fluid but not in their blood.

Although current anti-HIV drugs are able to stop the multiplication of the virus, it can infect the brain and can cause damage if the infection is not treated.

"Antiviral treatment in the brain is complicated by a number of factors, partly because it is surrounded by a protective barrier that affects how well medicines get in," said Arvid Eden.

"This means that the brain can act as a reservoir where treatment of the virus may be less effective," Eden added.

The thesis includes a study of 15 patients, 60percent of who showed signs of inflammation in their spinal fluid, albeit at lower levels than without treatment.

Both results indicate that current HIV treatment techniques are inadequate when it comes to the brain. It also doesn't clearly show if the residual inflammation or small quantities of virus in the spinal fluid in some of the patients entail a risk of future complications.

Source: ANI

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