by Sheela Philomena on  January 18, 2011 at 10:18 AM Lifestyle News
 Helping Others - Best Mood Booster
In a recent survey it has been found that the best way to make yourself happy is to help someone in need.

Hearing an unexpected compliment was second on the list, followed by listening to the sound of the sea, sitting in the sunshine and listening to music, reports the Daily Express.

Charity Action Aid, which commissioned the study of 1,000 people, found that most mood boosters could occur at any time and cost nothing.

Favorite food and hearing laughter were placed sixth and seventh, followed by winning money at eighth position.

A walk on the beach is ninth and a snowball fight is tenth.

The research was conducted to cheer people all up today - the most miserable day of the year and dubbed "Blue Monday".

Christmas debt, bad weather, higher taxes and broken resolutions conspire to make the third Monday of January the unhappiest day of the year, according to psychologists.

"No matter how broke or cold we are in the first few weeks of January, we all have this incredible power to make each other's lives better and it costs us absolutely nothing," said Richard Turner of Action Aid.

Source: ANI

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