Heatstroke in Pakistan Kills 65 People

by Hannah Joy on May 22 2018 11:51 AM

Heatstroke in Pakistan Kills 65 People
About 65 people died in the last three days due to heatstroke in Pakistan, Karachi, where the temperature has touched 44 degrees Celsius.
At least 114 bodies were brought to the social welfare group Edhi Foundation's morgues out of which at least 65 had died from heatstroke, Xinhua news agency reported quoting the head of the foundation Faisal Edhi.

Edhi said most of the heatstroke victims had died at their home without getting any medical help on time, adding that the youngest victim was a six-year-old, while the oldest was 78.

However, health authorities in the city have denied the claim.

Pakistan Meteorological Department issued a heatwave warning for Karachi saying that the hot weather was expected to stay between 40-43 degrees in daytime throughout the week.

Local reports said that Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar also urged residents to stay indoors during the day to avoid heatstroke.

A severe heat wave in 2015 killed at least 1,200 people in the country.