by Dr. Enozia Vakil on  June 10, 2013 at 11:26 AM Health Watch
Not Just Women, Now Men Too May Be Susceptible to Breast Cancer
With Angelina Jolie's recent brave move to undergo a double mastectomy, breast cancer seems to be a trending topic on the internet. New developments and treatments don't seem to dull the 'scary' sheen of breast cancer, and it still stands high among the most feared diseases.

But there's something most of us don't really know about breast cancer - men too, are susceptible to this disease.

Breast cancer is basically a condition wherein certain cells in the body divide uncontrollably, and cause a formation of an abnormal lump of cells, which often leads to the formation of a tumor, possibly a malignant one.

"Male breast cancer is more common than we actually think and it is more dangerous in men than in women. In men it catches the chest wall early so even a small nodule in men should be immediately investigated. However, the treatment for both men and women is similar," Dr Sameer Kaul, a senior consultant, oncology surgical Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, explained.

Though there's still a lot to be known about what actually causes breast cancer in males, scientists suggest that it may have something to do with the estrogen levels in the body. Obesity and liver disease further elevate the risk of breast cancer in men. Some studies even suggest that age may have a role to play in the elevated risk of breast cancer.

"It is estimated that at least 35% of all cancers have a nutritional connection. Even common health problems can be prevented or alleviated with a healthy diet. With lifestyle factors such as smoking, the risk only enhances," senior oncologist at Max Healthcare Services, Dr Puneet Gupta, said.

A few medical reports also suggest that men who have suffered from a testicular injury or had abnormal breast enlargement as a side effect of drug and hormonal treatments may also be at a greater risk of getting affected by breast cancer.

A self examination, which helps detect and treat breast cancer at an early stage, is now recommended for men too, looking at the increasing number of cases.

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