National Doctors’ Day 2021 – A Tribute to All Selfless Doctors!

National Doctors’ Day 2021 – A Tribute to All Selfless Doctors!

by Karishma Abhishek on Jun 30 2021 5:29 PM
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  • National Doctors’ Day is celebrated to bestow gratitude to all the doctors for their selfless contributions
  • India celebrates the National Doctors’ Day on July 1 to commemorate the birth and death anniversary of respected Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy – former chief minister of West Bengal
  • The day diversifies across several nations as they trace the historical contributions by the doctors at their place
National Doctors’ Day is celebrated to present gratitude to all those contributions made by selfless doctors in the field of medicine. Depending on the event of commemoration to mark, the date varies among different nations.
In India, National Doctors’ Day is established by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) annually on July 1 to commemorate the birth and death anniversary of respected Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy – former chief minister of West Bengal and a Bharat Ratna awardee.


Why are Doctors Superheroes?

The word “doctor” derives from the Latin root word “docee,” meaning “to teach”. The hard work and dedication that a doctor demonstrates every day are beyond the scope of just a profession – they deliver your health!

They commit to the lives of other people and work on living people to eliminate disease and render well-being. All across the world people thank and appreciate them on this special day by sending cards, emails, nominate them for an award and send a donation to the local medical center.


History of National Doctors' Day

Eudora Brown Almond, wife of Dr. Charles B. Almond in Georgia, first celebrated Doctors’ Day on March 30, 1933, as they set their purpose that physicians warranted more acknowledgment for their hard work. They thanked the doctors through greeting cards or red carnation and placing flowers on graves of deceased doctors including Dr. Crawford W. Long (for the first use of general anesthesia, ether), and a formal dinner in the home of Dr. and Mrs. William T. Randolph.

The resolution was approved at the annual state meeting in Augusta, Georgia on May 10, 1934, and the same was introduced by the Alliance president, Mrs. J. Bonar White to the Women's Alliance of the Southern Medical Association on November 19–22, 1935 at its 29th annual meeting in St. Louis, Missouri. The Southern Medical Association Alliance has made Doctors' Day as an indispensable part of it since then. It was on March 30, 1958, that the U.S. House of Representatives ratified a declaration for celebrating Doctors’ Day.

Finally on October 30, 1990, the legislature – S.J. RES. #366 (which became Public Law 101-473) was signed by George W. Bush for the approval of National Doctors’ Day from both the House and the Senate during the 101st United States Congress.

Later in March 2017, Dr. Marion Mass along with Dr. Kimberly Jackson (founder of Physicians Working Together (PWT) and Dr. Christina Lang claimed for the official announcement of physicians’ week. They had organized several events since then for supporting the physician community, including a scholarship program for medical students and residents in 2019.

Today the day thanks all doctors for various medical advances and for mastering their field of expertise.


National Doctors’ Day in India: Dr. B.C. Roy & his Contributions

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy (1st July 1882 - 1st July 1962) was also an Indian physician, iconic and internationally renowned medical practitioner, educationist, one of the most popular Congress leaders from eastern India, freedom fighter, and philanthropist.

The day is memorialized to sanctify his contributions to the progress of the nation. He was the first elected Chief Minister of West Bengal and served a crucial role in the establishment of MCI (Medical Council of India) and IMA (Indian Medical Association). Several medical institutions were set up in the light of Dr. B.C. Roy like:
  • Jadavpur T.B. Hospital
  • Chittaranjan Seva Sadan
  • Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital
  • Victoria Institution (College)
  • Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital
  • Chittaranjan Seva Sadan for women and children

Milestones Set for Doctors' Day

  • In 500 - 300 BC, the first physicians exerted their Hippocratic Oath as they vowed to the Greek Gods that their work in healing would satisfy ethical standards.
  • The third edition of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary legitimized the use of the word “physician” in 1400 AD.
  • The first victorious artificial heart surgery was successfully implanted after 7 hours of surgery by Dr. William DeVries in 1982.
  • The first woman doctor to have graduated from the Geneva Medical College was Elizabeth Blackwell in 1849.
  • Now in 2018, almost half (47%) of graduating medical students were female.

Celebrating the Noble Profession 2021

The on-going ball game of the COVID-19 pandemic has etched the crucial role of our doctors who work as front-line warriors to save millions of lives. Doctors all over the world unanimously had strived hard beyond their commitments to bring a gesture of smile on our faces today. Many had lost their lives in the battle halfway while others still pulling out all the stops.

This year, the National Doctors’ Day serves to convey gratification for their extraordinary works, contributions, and sacrifices by risking their lives amidst pandemics. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a hard toll on the physical, mental and emotional demands of almost every health care individual.

The Indian Medical Association revealed that 798 doctors died during the second wave of the pandemic across the country of which 128 doctors lost their lives in Delhi, followed by Bihar at 115.

The day is an attempt to emphasize the significance of all the passionate and selfless doctors out there!

"All the medical fraternity doing human service during the COVID pandemic is celebrating July 1 as Doctors’ Day in remembrance of the veteran service of Dr. B.C. Roy. He assured that doctors should be respected, protected and safeguarded," says Dr. J. A. Jayalal, President, IMA, during 'Mann ki Baat'.

Celebrations across the World

Doctors' Day is celebrated across different nations on a varied day for marking the historical events contributed by the doctors at their place.
  • Russia celebrates International Day of the Doctor on the 1st Monday of October every year to honor one of the oldest and esteemed professions in the world.
  • March 30th is observed as National Doctors’ Day in Australia and United States.
  • In Canada, National Physicians' Day is celebrated on 1st May by the Canadian Medical Association to pay recognition to Dr. Emily Stowe – the first female physician to practice in Canada.
  • Brazil celebrates Doctors’ Day on October 18 to mark the birthday of the apostle and Evangelist Saint Luke, who was a doctor as per the New Testament (Colossians 4:14).
  • The birthday celebration of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) is identified on 24th October as the National Doctors' Day (HariDokter Nasional) in Indonesia.
  • Spain, Cuba, and Argentina commemorate National Doctors’ Day on December 3 to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Carlos Juan Finlay, who identified mosquitoes as the cause of yellow fever.
  • Kuwait celebrates National Doctors’ Day on the 3rd of March to mark the birthday of Kuwaiti businesswoman, Zahra Sulaiman Al-Moussawi’s daughter Dr. Sundus Al-Mazidi.
  • Iran honors Avicenna's birthday as the National Day for Doctors’ on August 23 (Iranian Month: Shahrivar 1st).
  • In Vietnam, Doctors' Day is celebrated on February 28 or sometimes to the closest dates.
  • Nepali National Doctors’ Day is celebrated on 4th March (Nepali date: Falgun 20), since its establishment of the Nepal Medical Association.
  • The Federation of Private Medical Practitioners Associations, Malaysia first launched its Doctors’ Day celebration on the 10th of October in 2014 (followed annually since then).

Insights on Doctors

  • There are an estimated 700,000 doctors in the U.S alone.
  • Almost 76% of doctors seek religious belief to cope with stress.
  • Hallmark started printing cards for Doctors’ Day in 2003.
  • The approximate number of hours worked by a doctor per week is 60 hours or more by almost 60% of all physicians.
  • Almost 2/3rd of doctors do not participate in a 401(k) plan even though there is a high participation rate among hospitals.
  • The total expenditure on physician and clinical services in the U.S. in 2020 was reported to be $794.4 billion.
“We have not lost faith, but we have transferred it from God to the medical profession” - George Bernard Shaw.

Doctors are those dedicated workers who never take rest from their profession as it can rest a person in peace. So thank all your doctors for their selfless engagements.

Happy Doctors’ Day To All!

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