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Enhance Performance With Massage and Moderate Exercises
After a heavy and rigorous exercise, people usually feel muscular pains and aches.

According to the scientists one can get prompt relief in such pains by moderate massage.

Lars Anderson, the lead author of the study and a professor at the Copenhagen National Research Center for the Working Environment said that massage is a good method to get rid of common body aches.

Massage provides effective relief and relaxes body's tired muscles after a hectic schedule.

The scientist enrolled 20 women and analyzed the effect of massage on women experiencing fatigue and body aches after a heavy workouts. The women were asked to do shoulder exercises and were bound to resistance machine. This levied burden on the trapezius muscles present between shoulder and neck. After two days the volunteers began to complain of having aches and pains in trapezius muscle. The extent of pain was measured at the scale of 5 to 10. At the start of the workout the pain strength was 0.8.

During the second part of the study 10 volunteers were given 10-minutes massage on one shoulder while the rest half of the volunteers did light exercise for another 10 minutes. The 10-minute exercise regime involved movement of shoulder muscles. An elastic tube was used to give resistance to the volunteers while doing workout.

The conclusion drawn from the study was that the shoulders not receiving any massage or exercising were in poor shape while the other shoulder which received massage and exercised were in better shape.

Anderson said that this study will help athletes improve their performance in competitions.

Well it is quite unclear as to how light exercise and massage help reduce pain and soreness. The researchers believed that probably massages help in eliminating metabolic wastes related with tissue destruction.

Light workouts mitigate pain but the effect is transient. The massage however improves an individual's performance and does not require professional service providers.

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