by Anne Trueman on  April 10, 2013 at 11:06 AM Health Watch
A Walk in a Park may Ease Brain Fatigue
A simple walk through your neighboring park can alleviate brain fatigue, shows a recent study. Constant work, noise and the hectic demands of modern life lay tremendous stress on our brains leading to mental exhaustion. Spending some time in natural settings gives the brain adequate time to reset its overstretched resources.

Previous studies had shown that the human brain cannot remain focused and calm in the noise and din of the city life for long. Scientists believed that simply by strolling in a local park or walking in a colony ground can rejuvenate your 'fuzzy brain' and keep your mental health intact.

Empowering Better Health

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh assessed the activity of human brain in twelve healthy adults with the aid of portable EEGs (Electroencephalograms), as they tread through different areas such as busy lane, park and a shopping district.

It was noted that as the volunteers walked through a park, a sense of relaxation prevailed in their minds and they felt calm and composed.

In today's world full of chaos and commotion, you need to take out some time and spend in open and natural settings.

Taking a break from the routine life is essential in order to have a sound health both mental and physical.

Such breaks from study or work will clear your head from all sorts of tension and confusion and will help you cope with the world in a better way.

Spending time in natural environment, going for sightseeing in green vivacious environment or viewing green meadows out of your office window is not at all unproductive. All this is necessary and restorative recuperating therapy to keep your brain calm and active.

Jenny Roe, the study supervisor stated that people should think about "going for a walk in a green space or even viewing green spaces from your office window".

Source: Medindia

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