by Anne Trueman on  May 2, 2013 at 12:32 PM Health In Focus
Are Mobile Phones Contagious?
Experts from the Michigan University are of the opinion, people are more inclined to check their emails or message inbox if their companion has done the same.

You must have seen people clinging to their mobile phones every now and then. People are becoming addicted to mobile phones. The habit of checking cell phones is quite contagious. The experts have now discovered that cell phones have replaced the age old glancing habit of wrist watch.

People check their phones secretively for latest updates on Facebook or for new messages. It was also seen that women are more addicted to the habit of glancing at mobile phones and the cell phones were "integrated into the daily lives of women". Between January to April 2011, the researchers observed students in coffee cafe and dining halls. The students glanced at their cellphones at an interval of 10 seconds during their sitting time of 20 minutes.

Prof. Daniel Kruger, the study's co-author, mentioned, "What we found most interesting was just how often people were using their mobile phones. Every person we observed used his/her phone at least once while one woman was on hers about half of the time. Individuals may see others checking their incoming messages and be prompted to check their own."

The experts said that the students used their mobile phones more often if their companions have done the same. The study showed that the students used their mobile phones on 'an average of 24 percent of the intervals'.

Females are more involved in this contagious habit of checking mobile phones as compared to their male counterparts. Being in touch with your friends and relatives is the new trend in tech land and among the tech savvy people.

Source: Medindia

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