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Store Powdered Eggs in your Cupboards
Infertility causes immense emotional and social trauma to a woman. Rising stress is an important cause of infertility and most of the times infertility is traced in females and sometimes the cause lies with the male partner. IVF or In vitro fertilization has given promising results to many infertile couples and their lives have improvised with the arrival of a baby.

Recently scientists have invented a new technique of storing women's eggs by new freeze-dry method. The eggs can be stored at room temperature and on finding the right soul mate, these eggs can be brought 'back to life' prior to active treatment.

The female freeze-dried eggs can be stored at room temperature and this will cut down the expenses of storing eggs in fertility clinic. While going for IVF, a woman needs to add water to this freeze-dried powder. Amir Arav, the Israeli Scientist mentioned, 'You keep the powder at room temperature for ever - and just add water to bring it back to life.'

This method is a boon for cancer patients who are facing the threat of becoming infertile as a consequence of chemotherapy. They can have babies with this new freeze-dried eggs technique. This newly invented egg-freezing technique is widely popular among career-oriented women and those who are still looking ahead for the arrival of Mr. Right in their lives.

Dr. Amir Arav considers the technique as 'bringing science fiction to life' and "envisions beginning by rapidly freezing the eggs until they turn into glass-like state." Finally the eggs would be transformed into a powder. Instead of being preserved at expensive fertility clinic, the egg powder can be saved in dark air-tight containers.

Experts are of the opinion. 'In future, women who want to safeguard their fertility may be able to store their eggs at home as powder. To revive them for an attempt at having a baby, all they would need to do is empty the sachet, add water, fertilize with sperm and implant the embryo.'

Some scientists have questioned Dr. Arav that whether women were comfortable with storing their eggs in their bedroom or kitchen cupboard and whether these powdered eggs were capable enough to produce viable and healthy off springs. Professor Claus Andersen from the University Hospital of Copenhagen in Denmark stated, 'If the vision is for women to take their freeze-dried eggs home with them, will those eggs deteriorate over time or lose their reproductive potential?'

He added, 'The freeze-drying needs to be shown to be as good as the conventional method of freezing under liquid nitrogen and this could take some time.' Well, in future, the superiority and efficacy of dried freezing method has to be established over the conventional egg freezing method under liquid nitrogen.

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